About MHLC

Change is happening quickly and everyone is adapting to a constant flow of innovation, disruption, and opportunity. MHLC helps supply chain leaders grab those opportunities, drive operational efficiencies, and operate more effectively in this dynamic environment.

Through education, information, and cross-industry conversations, MHLC helps organizations address supply chain challenges. The event gives attendees the know-how to overcome these issues and future - proof their companies. Offering keynotes, educational sessions, and a full lineup of attending sponsors, this year's MHLC presents the "best of the best" in supply chain.

Celebrating over 37 years of supply chain education, MHLC is a premier event that's welcomed prominent keynotes from the business world, entertainment, sports and beyond. Virtual for 2021, MHLC will soon be expanding to in-person events in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

MHLC On-Demand

Why Dematic Hosts This Event


A world leader in supply chain technology and innovation, Dematic believes in sharing its expertise and insights with the broader industry. Each year, we bring together an all-star lineup of sessions, workshops, keynotes, and speakers-all of which are focused on helping attendees go Beyond to embrace the smart, connected future.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Dematic is a member of KION Group, a global leader in industrial trucks and supply chain solutions, and a leading provider of warehouse automation. As subject matter experts in automation and innovation, our main goal is to help you work through challenges, solve your biggest supply chain problems, and leverage new opportunities.